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Emergency Dentist in Park Slope

Need an Emergency Dentist in the Park Slope Area -We are here to help....

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in the Park Slope Area then we are here to help. Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope is open 7 days a week and Dr Jim Sarji, a renowned and popular Brooklyn dentist has been offering emergency dental procedures for over 20 years in the Park Slope area.

With caring and attentive staff and the latest in high tech dental technology, Dr Sarji has established himself as one of the most popular and trusted dentists in Brooklyn. 

At Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope we cater to all types of dental emergencies including chipped teeth, broken teeth, lost crowns, root canals and failed root canals, lost fillings and all types of dental pain and jawpain. Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope is fully equipped with the latest in dental technology and staff that are well trained in how to treat patients with emergency situations.

Dental emergencies unfortunately cannot be ignored, usually because of the pain involved. If you are experiencing a dental emergency it is best to see a dentist as soon as possible. Swelling in the jaw or in around the gums could be signs of a root canal or a more serious issue. The worry is that ignoring it could lead to infection in the other teeth. At Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope we offer for all emergency dental procedures a team of trusted professionals offering a wide range of emergency care to help you when you need it most.

Toothache and  Pain Relief

Firstly upon examination Dr Sarji will offer a comprehensive examination in order to ascertain the cause of the discomfort. From there we implement a comprehensive treatment plan with the primary focus being to save your existing teeth and to prevent decay and infection in your surrounding teeth.

Emergency Extractions

In the event of the need for a dental extraction inlcuding wisdom teeth extraction we are able to accommodate date you at our office as soon as possible. The dental team will explain all the options available and help you understand the procedure before you make a decision.

Emergency Root Canals Treatment

Root canals are serious cases and are not to be ignored. If you think you have a root canal or are experiencing pain and discomfort then it is always best to see the dentists as soon as possible.

Root canals once fixed can last a lifetime. Common symptoms or sign that you may need a root canal or may have a failed root canal may be any one of the following.
  • You may experience severe toothache while chewing.
  • You may have sensitivity to hot and cold drinks.
  • DYour tooth may have become discolored.
  • There may be swelling or tenderness near the gum line.
  • There may be persistent or recurring pimple on the gums.

Broken of Failed Crowns

You may have a crown that has failed and has maybe fallen out. Hopefully you will have saved the crown. It is always best to see the dentist as soon as possible to reduce the risk of damage to the post that lies under the crown and to minmize damage to the surrounding teeth. Dr Sarji can quickly determine if there has been damage to the post and what must be done to repair the post and place the crown on top.

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth can usually always be fixed and the way dentists do this in an economical and aesthetic way is to use bonding. Bonding can be used for to save broken or chipped  front teeth and often it will look completely invisible to anyone looking at it.

If you find that you have an emergency dental situation and need to see a dentist immediately then call ADVANCED GENTLE DENTISTRY OF PARK SLOPE. We are here to help you with all emergencies every step of the way and our team of professionals will assist you with all insurance paperwork ad explain the co-pays and deductions. Call today on 718-788-8009.
If you find yourself in an emergency situation and need dental care right away, call Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope today and let our team of professionals assist you.


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